Leaving Footprints

Taking nothing but memories!

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Chariots of the Gods

I know I’ve mentioned it before, on more than a couple of occasions, just how much I love tuk-tuks, so I thought it was about time I brought you into the fun-filled colourful little world of these ubiquitous and versatile three-wheelers.

As I have previously noted, tuk-tuks are adorably cheeky (unless you’re in the other vehicle they push in front of!), faster than a speeding bullet (in traffic at least) and prone to last-minute daring changes of direction IMG_5020(their drivers would do amazingly well on the hardest tracks of Mario Kart). Continue reading

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Driving Miss Daisy

The rules of the road in Sri Lanka are interesting. I am, of course, assuming there are rules –they just seem to be followed very loosely. The direction of travel is more or less adhered to, though a wild U-turn into busy on coming traffic is the norm. Maybe Sri Lankans are just masters of time management. After all, why barge along the road a few 100 meters and go all the way round the block when you can pull a sharp turn and stamp a look of horror across a tourist’s face? Lanes are an extension of their version of queuing: see a gap and zoom-zoom-zoom! Continue reading

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And so the adventure begins….

After months of planning and the sending of (probably) 100s of emails my year of exploring has finally begun!

My first flight was with Oman Air from Heathrow to Muscat. The other passengers and I eagerly scurried aboard the plane like rats fleeing a sinking ship, where we were rewarded with the sight of a mysterious thing called ‘leg room’. Yes, actual leg room for normal-sized humans in the economy seats! Continue reading