Leaving Footprints

Taking nothing but memories!


10639473_10156061652490576_2980391182403942271_n copy

After 4 hard years at university i left  with a Masters degree under my belt and couldn’t wait to work with small wildcats. Unfortunately, it is quite a niche area and finding projects, let alone the contact details for the researchers was nigh on impossible. It was definitely a case of who you know and not what you know. Unable to break into the fieldwork side of things i became a  zoo keeper (specialising in small carnivores, specifically cats) in order to better understand the captive conservation side of things and to hopefully build useful contacts.

After 3 years i finally had the information i needed and decided to take a year to gain field research skills in the hope that I could finally move into wildlife conservation. None of the animals I’m passionate about (mainly small cats and vultures) are native to the UK so I must galavant across the globe. Warning there will be confusion, a slight grumpy disposition and lots of excitibility surrounding animals.


Update 2018:

After 10 amazing months and an empty bank account I returned home but my wanderlust had been awakened so, whenever possible, I must travel.

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